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The medium and long term outlook for the mining industry remains strong. Demand for commodities is expected to remain robust with the continuing shift in the pattern of economic growth towards fast-growing emerging economies. In order to sustain its growth potential, we anticipate that China will continue to upgrade and develop its infrastructure, while the longer term potential of India and Brazil is expected to provide further support. These economies also have the greatest scope for strong consumer spending growth, the principal long term demand driver for platinum group metals and diamonds.

In 2009, huge policy stimulus and a turn in the inventory cycle drove the rebound in industrial activity. In 2010, the positive effects of these factors are likely to start to fade. The economic headwinds are most noticeable in the advanced economies, where continuing balance sheet repair will constrain demand prospects. However, the outlook for the emerging economies is much brighter. China and India are likely to grow strongly, though the potential for setbacks remains as a weak external environment combines with intensifying domestic inflation pressures.

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Annual Report 2009