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Sustainable development

Our sustainable development agenda progressed on several fronts during the year, including ensuring that our foundations for effective water management are aligned and in place across all of our operations. These systems, processes and tools are essential for the delivery of our Group's water strategy and to identify opportunities for managing and utilising water more effectively in the communities and catchment areas where we operate.

We launched the Anglo Environment Way (AEW) in March 2009, which sets out a consistent approach to responsible environmental management, supporting our vision for minimising harm to the environment by designing, operating and closing all of our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Our Mine Closure Toolbox, a world leading approach, supports delivery against the AEW standards and is currently being used in more than 30 operations in South America, South Africa, Namibia and Europe.

There were 13 biodiversity peer reviews conducted during 2009, four in conjunction with Flora and Fauna International as part of our global strategic partnership. Given the increasingly energy intensive nature of our operations, our efforts to improve energy efficiency continue to be a major focus.

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Annual Report 2009