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Directors' training

Anglo American's directors have a wide range of expertise as well as significant experience in strategic, financial, commercial and mining activities. Upon appointment, directors are provided with recent Board materials and a reference manual containing information on legal obligations and other matters of which they should be aware. Guidance is provided on Market Conduct under the FSA, the Company's Articles, the Combined Code on Corporate Governance and the Model Code. The manual also includes items such as Board and Committee terms of reference, relevant company information and guidance on where to obtain independent advice. The manual is updated periodically when appropriate. Training and briefings are also available to all directors on appointment and subsequently, as necessary, taking into account existing qualifications and experience. Directors also have access to management, and to the advice of the company secretary. Furthermore, all directors are entitled to seek independent professional advice concerning the affairs of Anglo American at its expense, although no such advice was sought during 2009.

Presentations are made to the Board by business management on the activities of operations. Directors undertake regular visits to operations and projects and, in 2009, operations and projects in Alaska, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, China, Australia, India and Botswana were visited. In addition, during the year, directors attended courses/seminars on IFRS, other financial matters and directors' forums.

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Annual Report 2009