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Relations with shareholders

The Company maintains an active dialogue with its key financial audiences, including institutional shareholders, sell-side analysts and potential shareholders. The Investor and Relations Department manages the ongoing dialogue with these audiences and regular presentations take place at the time of interim and final results as well as during the rest of the year. An active programme with potential shareholders is also maintained.

Any concerns raised by a shareholder in relation to the Company and its affairs are communicated to the Board as a whole. The Board is briefed on a regular basis by the Investor and Relations Department and analysts' reports are circulated to the directors. Feedback from meetings held between executive management, or the Investor and Relations Department, and institutional shareholders is also communicated to the Board.

During the year there were regular presentations and meetings with institutional investors in the UK, South Africa, continental Europe and the US to communicate the strategy and performance of Anglo American. Executive directors, as well as key corporate officers including business unit heads, host such presentations, including seminars for investors and analysts, and 'one-on-one' meetings. Executive management also presents at industry conferences on a regular basis throughout the year, which are mainly organised by investment banks for their institutional investor base. The chairman, senior independent non-executive director and other non-executive directors are also available to shareholders to discuss any matter they wish to raise. The Company's website provides the latest news and historical financial information, details about forthcoming events for shareholders and analysts, and other information on Anglo American.

Shareholders will have the opportunity at the forthcoming AGM, notice of which is contained in the booklet enclosed herewith, to put questions to the Board, including the chairmen of the various committees. Facilities have been put in place to enable shareholders on the UK register to receive Company communications electronically rather than by mail and, for those unable to attend the meeting, to cast their votes by electronic means, including those shareholders whose shares are held in the CREST system.

As a result of the implementation of the electronic communications provisions in the Companies Act 2006, the Company has substantially reduced the cost of the annual report production and distribution. The Company successfully extended this approach in 2009 to incorporate South African investors holding shares in dematerialised form. Shareholders may elect to receive notification by email of the availability of the annual report on the Company's website instead of receiving paper copies.

In accordance with best practice, voting on each resolution to be proposed at the AGM will be conducted on a poll rather than by a show of hands. The results of the poll will be announced to the press and on the Company's website.

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Annual Report 2009