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8. Directors' service contracts

Cynthia Carroll and René Médori are employed by Anglo American Services (UK) Ltd (AAS).

It is the Company's policy that the period of notice for executive directors will not exceed 12 months and accordingly the employment contracts of the executive directors are terminable at 12 months' notice by either party.

The contracts of executive directors do not provide for any enhanced payments in the event of a change of control of the Company, nor for liquidated damages.

All non-executive directors have letters of appointment with the Company for an initial period of three years from their date of appointment, subject to reappointment at the AGM (Figure 8).

Figure 8: Non-executive directors(1)(2)

  Date of appointment Next AGM re-election or election
Sir John Parker (chairman, AA plc and Nomination Committee) 09 July 2009 April 2010
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (chairman) (resigned 2009) 16 July 2002 n/a
David Challen (SID and chairman, Audit Committee) 09 September 2002 April 2012
Sir CK Chow 15 April 2008 April 2011
Chris Fay (chairman, S&SD Committee) (to retire 2010) 19 April 1999 n/a
Sir Philip Hampton 09 November 2009 April 2010
Sir Rob Margetts (chairman, Remuneration Committee) (to retire 2010) 18 March 1999 n/a
Nicky Oppenheimer 18 March 1999 April 2010
Ray O'Rourke 11 December 2009 April 2010
Fred Phaswana (chairman, Nomination Committee) (resigned 2010) 12 June 2002 n/a
Mamphela Ramphele 25 April 2006 April 2012
Jack Thompson 16 November 2009 April 2010
Karel Van Miert (passed away 2009) 19 March 2002 n/a
Peter Woicke 01 January 2006 April 2012
At each AGM all those directors who have been in office for three years or more since their election or last re-election shall retire from office. Details of those retiring by rotation this year are contained in the Notice of AGM.
There is no fixed notice period; however, the Company may in accordance with, and subject to, the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, by Ordinary Resolution of which special notice has been given, remove any director from office. The Company's Articles of Association also permit the directors, under certain circumstances, to remove a director from office.

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