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4. Executive shareholding targets

Within five years of their appointment, executive directors are expected to acquire and maintain a holding of shares with a value of two times basic salary in the case of the chief executive and one times basic salary in the case of any other executive director.

The Committee takes into consideration achievement against these targets when making grants under the Company's various long-term incentive plans.

Figure 7: Executive directors(1)

  Date of appointment Next AGM re-election or election
Cynthia Carroll (chief executive) 15 January 2007 April 2010
René Médori (finance director) 01 June 2005 April 2011
At each AGM all those directors who have been in office for three years or more since their election or last re-election shall retire from office. Details of those retiring by rotation this year are contained in the Notice of AGM.

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Annual Report 2009