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Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Anglo American uses KPIs to help measure its performance. The KPIs are aligned to the three key strategic aims of the Group.

Investment of Choice

Anglo American seeks to outperform its competitors in delivering value to shareholders. Everything that the Group hopes to achieve for all other stakeholders - particularly host governments, communities and employees - must be built on a platform of sector leading financial performance.

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Partner of Choice

Anglo American has a history of successful collaboration with its stakeholders, including governments, communities, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The Group understands that it can only thrive if it is welcomed and respected in the countries and communities in which it operates.

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Employer of Choice

Becoming the employer of choice for Anglo American begins with an aim to provide a safe and supportive working environment for everyone who works for the organisation. The Group's commitment to zero harm remains its primary focus. The organisation offers a range of career paths for both technical and professional people. With its global footprint and growth aspirations, Anglo American can offer both an exciting and a fulfilling employment proposition.

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Anglo American's strategy is to become the leading global mining company. During 2008, three key aims that should underpin this ambition were identified:

In implementing its strategy, Anglo American measures performance with reference to the KPIs set out in the above table. These KPIs are aligned to its key aims and are employed across the Group. The KPIs encompass both financial and non-financial indicators as well as quantitative and qualitative measures. While these KPIs are helpful in measuring the Group's performance, it is recognised that they are not exhaustive and many additional performance measures are also used to monitor progress.

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Annual Report 2009