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Sustainable development

Anglo American's sustainable development performance is fundamental to its investment, partner and employer of choice agenda.

The Company is committed to operating safely, sustainably and responsibly and embeds this into every part of the business. It fulfils this commitment by respecting the environment through effective stewardship of land and resources; supporting the development of communities where it operates and ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and local communities.

Behaving in this way is essential for earning and maintaining trust with stakeholders - governments, communities, customers, suppliers and employees - and creates value which is fundamental to Anglo American's ability to deliver long term sustainable returns to shareholders.

A revised version of Anglo American's Good Citizenship Business Principles was launched at the end of the year. These apply to every business and to every employee and are integral to the way Anglo American operates. They include a greater focus on environmental issues such as water conservation, climate change and biodiversity, a reinforced stance against corruption, an increased commitment on HIV/AIDS treatment, the importance of family life and work life balance, and the promotion of diversity.

The Business Principles are embedded in policies, projects and commitments and reflect the Company's determination to live by its core values. In addition, the Company has strong governance, systems and risk management processes in place to implement its commitment to sustainable development. During 2009, considerable progress was made on embedding global standards for environment, safety, health and social issues that are designed to drive performance improvement.

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Annual Report 2009